R&D Environment

Technical Center at Headquarter

pic01The department  designs a variety of boards for electronic devices, including controllers for air conditioner units, ionizers, and electronic ignitors. We contribute to add value on finished products not only by simply designing them according to the customer's specifications but also by proposing functions that should be added to the finished  products. We have accumulated a variety of essential technologies, especially technologies for producing high voltages and control regulation.We also conduct all processes from structural design to software development, in addition to circuit design. By doing so, we meet a variety of customer needs in a short period of lead time. 

Tottori Technical Center

pic02Tottori Technical Center owns rich research equipment such as the engine bench and the combined stress cycle tester. We are committed to thorough field data collection which is far beyond expected for a component suppliers. This leads to a short lead time in development and installation, high quality, outstanding reliability, and low cost. We are able to meet the requirement of high-mix low-volume production.

Testing & Research Lab

pic03 The Advanced Engineering Departments of the Home Electronics and Automotive Parts & Components Divisions are merged into an independent R&D Lab next to Headquarter. Effectively combining the component technologies specific to each department, the headquarters push suggestive-style product development based on the mission of the "proposal from concept design." Currently, we focus on research into the controls for HEVs (hybrid vehicles) and motors, as well as engine combustion control in the vehicle electronic control business field in collaboration with customers. This is to cope with the rapid progress in the computerization and systemization of automobiles.