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Control Unit for Indoor Air Conditioner Unit

This control unit is designed for  indoor unit of  Household  air conditioner. It controls the accessories of an indoor unit in order to achieve  comfortable indoor condition.

Inverter Unit for Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit

This inverter controller is designed for  outdoor unit of  multi-air conditioner for the buildings  Energy saving operation is achieved with latest inverter control.

Power Module Combining Inverter and PFC

This inverter module drives the compressor of the outdoor unit with power factor improvement function. It combines inverter and PFC part in one package.

Controller for Bathroom Dryer

This controller is designed for hot water-type bathroom heater-dryer.

Controller for Remote Controller of Bathroom Dryer

This remote controller is designed for hot water-type bathroom heater-dryer.

Controller for Fan Heater

This controller is designed for  oil fan heater. It controls the air flow and volume of kerosene.

General-purpose Inverter for Global Use

This is a circuit board that drives the compressor of refrigerator. It can be used for any type of compressor.

Controller for EcoCute ※1

This controller is designed for  hot water storage unit of  EcoCute (heat pump hot-water heater).This controller uses Night time Power and force of air to boil hot water and stores it.

※1 'EcoCute' has been registered as a trademark by The Kansai Electric Power Company.

Controller for Lithium Ions

This controller stores electricity and supplies power to loads in a home. Electrical appliances can be operated with the help of this controller even in the event of an unforeseen blackout.

Centralized Controller 

This highly functional centralized controller unit is operated through a 10.4-in. touch panel type LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) screen of ITM(Intelligent Touch Manager).

Power Conditioner for Solar Power Generation (for Indoor Use)

This equipment converts the Direct Current(D.C)  from a solar cell module to Alternating Current(A.C). It features a single system operation function incorporated by multiple units. 

※Used only in Japan

Power Conditioner for Solar Power Generation (for Outdoor Use)

※Used only in Japan

Color Display Unit for Solar Power Generation System

This device displays the power generation / purchase status of solar power conditioner in real time.

※Used only in Japan

Connection Box with Booster Circuit for Solar Power Generation

This connection box features a booster circuit that generates uniform system voltages with different numbers of solar cell modules. It provides more choices in the installation of solar cell modules.

※Used only in Japan