Five Core Technologies

High Voltage Technologies

Recently, public awareness of environmental issues has been pushing automobile manufacturers to tackle such challenges as improved fuel efficiency, improved output, and reduced pollution. The ignition coil is no exception. Downsizing the product to the utmost limit is required while securing energy required for the ignition of fuel. Utilizing the long-accumulated technologies of producing high voltages and insulation, we have developed a small, high-powered, durable and low-cost ignition coil, which will be installed in each cylinder plug hole of the engine-a hostile environment of high temperatures and vibration. This contributes to the environmental measures taken by automobile manufacturers.
By applying the technology for producing high voltages, we produce ignitors for kerosene water heaters and kerosene fan heaters. We also supply for high voltages, highly efficient power for air purifiers, negatively-charged ion generators, deodorizing equipment for household use.

Hybrid IC/Power Module Technologies

For the hybrid IC/power modules, we are working on modularization to flexibly meet customers' needs. Downsizing the product is largely dependent on COB technology, which entails the mounting of the semiconductor as a bare chip. We have been pursuing technological innovation for a long period of time. In addition, by utilizing the high reliability of technologies cultivated through development of the hybrid IC and power module dedicated to automobiles, we will continue to supply microminiaturized, high quality, reliable products not only for automotive use but also for the home electric.

Combustion Control Technologies

Safer, more comfortable products are required at home. We improved the efficiency of the fuel ignition and adopted a flame rod combustion detection system in order to ensure the safety of kerosene fan heaters for household use. We also offer safe combustion control for kerosene water heaters and other products.
By applying the technology to automobile engine combustion control, we provide engine combustion control per cylinder with the combustion ion detection system. The spark plug works as a sensor and measures the ion electric current generated during combustion. By doing this, the combustion status within the cylinder is correctly detected and ignition and fuel injection are controlled without installing a new sensor. This significantly contributes to improved fuel efficiency and output power, as well as exhaust gas emission reduction.

Power/Motor Control Technologies

We control a variety of motors at high efficiency with a focus on inverter control technology applied to the air conditioner for household purposes. The product to be exported to Europe uses active filters to minimize high-frequency noise generated by the device. Recently, we applied the motor control technologies to the EV /HEV motor inverter for automotive electronics, as well as nailing machines for industrial use. We applied the electric power control technologies to the power supply for home toiletry products. We also tackled the supply of UP/DOWN converters for automobiles. As we have explained, we are committed to reducing size and increasing efficiency in order to produce products with a smaller environmental impact.

Measurement,Analysis,and Material Technologies

We supply position revolution detection sensors for automobiles and promote systemization and further intelligence in specific component and measurement technologies, including combustion detection for the control. By doing so, we contribute to safety and environmental conservation. For product development, we try to decrease man-hours and the number of trial manufacturing runs required for development and achieve the appropriate selection of materials through simulations enabled by the prior numeric model building. Thus, we are able to supply a product with greater efficiency but at a lower cost in a shorter period of lead time. In addition, to ensure the quality of the product, we try to improve the technology accessment within the company where fatigue analysis is conducted with the help of precision observation and elemental analysis using SEM/EPMA.