Automotive Electronics


Ignition Coil with Ion Current Detector Function

coil01This Ignition coil has the function to convert the flame State in the engine
combustion chamber into ion current.

 Plug hole mounting type Ignition Coil

coil02The pencil type plug-on coil  is achieved downsizing by the integrating  the coil  with the igniter and effective utilization of the plug hole space.

Rectangular Type Ignition Coil

coil03Rectangular type Ignition coils corresponds to the high energy requirements of the engine combustion.

 Rotary sensor for crank angle · cam angle

sensorAnalogue Rotational Sensors detects the waveform in low rotation.
The Cam Sensor detects the engine cylinder position and the Crank angle Sensor detects the engine rotational speed.

Harness ASSY

assyRotational sensor with excellent heat resistance, vibration resistance and oil resistance sends the rotational status to the computer with accurate sensing
while enduring the harsh Environment inside the the transmission.

Transmisson Switches

transmissionThe Mission-switch which is attached to  the transmission is excellent vibration resistant oil-resistant and can switch between 2WD/4WD and detects the back lamp lighting,mission-position of the MT car.

DC-DC Converter for  Power Regeneration

convertorThe Device  Which converts DC24V to DC12V.

Module for Body Control

YA-005This controller judges a state of a light and each switch in the car and controls ON/OFF.


DC-DC Converter for Hybrid Cars

convertor02The Device Which  converts  DC110V to DC12V for Hybrid Cars.

DC-DC Converter for idle  Stop.

YA-008It controls ON / OFF of idling and supplies stable power at the time of idling stop.

Controller for Air Conditioner

YA-011The controller which controls the air conditioner operation according to the set temperature.