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You can download the leaflet of showcased products.


17 kW/L, 1 kW Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter  Download

We have realized ULTRA-COMPACT converter, by combining our high-frequency switching technology and gallium nitride (GaN) power devices.
Due to its power density as high as 17.2 kW/L and ability of bidirectional power flow, it contributes to spread of V2H and xEVs.

Active Power Decoupling (APD)  Download

With Active Power Decoupling (APD), required capacitance for power pulsation buffering at DC bus can be greatly reduced. This allows the use of ceramic capacitors instead of conventional e-caps, thus allowing the system to be longer life, smaller profile, and higher working temperature.


1.5 kW DC-DC Converter for 12 V Accessories  Download

This DCDC converter steps down from 24 V to 12 V. High operating temperature and complete waterproof enabled this converter to be mounted in engine room with natural cooling.

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