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Basic Quality Policy
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About "Basic Quality Policy"

As the person responsible for Diamond Electric quality assurance, I will work with all employees to improve our overall quality through the understanding and execution of following three objectives, based on the "Basic Quality Policy" formulated by Yuuri Ono, our President and CEO.

Commitment to Customer quality first.
Focus on quality throughout all processes, from design to production and after.  Our quality parts will help our customers succeed in a highly competitive market.
Our commitment to quality will help people throughout the world through their use of our customers' products.

On behalf of all employees, we commit to our stakeholders to follow our "Basic Quality Policy".

Chief Quality Officer   Division General Manager  Quality Assurance Div.
Kenichirou ABE

All employees working for creation of Quality. This is how we have achieved the Real Quality.

Diamond Electric promises a high level of quality and on-time delivery by our adoptingTotal Quality Control (TQC) and Total Quality Management (TQM), as well as Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). In addition to automotive electronics, we realize superior quality control for home electronics as well. We obey the quality standard, eliminate 'waste' at the factory site. All empoloyees are always concious of 'Quality' when promoting business. There is no limit to the quality creation of Diamond Electric.

Quality Assurance from the Development Phase

Diamond Electric manages all processes througout from product planning and hardware or software design to evaluations and commercialization with high level of quality. We also have established comprehensive evaluation technique;simulations, reliability testing,DR, from a technological standpoint. Every possible measure is taken to assure high quality products.

From TQC to TQM and TPM

Diamond Electric has now improved its company-wide TQC program progress to TQM. TQM is a management approach to long–term success through customer satisfaction. In a TQM effort, all members of an organization participate in improving processes, products, services, and the culture in which they work.To establish a corporate structure solid enough to achieve the highest possible production efficiency, a TPM program has also been implemented. With managing the equipment by production staff,we made it possible to production line to be much greater efficient.

Daily Effort Makes it Possible to Build World-class Quality

QC Circle and 3.3 Program
-Two Important Factors for the Strict Maintenance of Quality

Twice a year, QC Circle presentation meetings all employees for the world attending are held. In addition, employees are encouraged to participate in external QC circle competitions, and have won many awards for excellence.
Diamond Electric's original 3.3 program;manager level of all division's 'kaizen' activity for improvement are implemented at the production site.

Zero Disaster, Zero Defects and Zero Failure.


Aiming for Zero Disaster, Zero Defects and Zero Failure.
Diamond Electric's Original System for Loss Prevention.

By encouraging production staff to maintain and service their own equipment and machinery, employee awareness of quality has been improved with reductions in disasters and failures developing. A sincere attitude to maintain quality and a daily effort  have also contributed to improving production efficiency and reducing costs.