Social Activities
Aiming to become a good corporate citizen well trusted by society

Each and every one of us deeply understands our mission towards the planet, and we are conducting business and developing products in line with our philosophy. Carefully utilizing limited resources and conserving the environment is the root of our social responsibility, are making every effort to realize a recycling-oriented society.

Based on the "Diamond Environmental Policy" and with the entire company standing behind its theme of "Kindness to the Planet," each and every one of our employees voluntarily participates in energy reduction and recycling activities in order to achieve zero-emissions by the end of 2010. In addition to the improvement of our own production technologies toward the elimination of lead, we are also working to propose such measures to our corporate partners. New challenges are also being faced such as with our participation in local cleanup activities.

Diamond Electric will, through these activities, improve its corporate value and build good relations with all its stakeholders including shareholders, customers, suppliers, local inhabitants, employees and their families, etc.


Environmental Policies

Based on an environmentally-friendly way of thinking, our company has positioned environmental protection as one of our most important management items. We have established the following Environmental Policies and are implementing activities for environmental reform.

Basic Policies

All the resources of our planet are limited.

We deeply appreciate the blessings of the earth and of nature and uphold our value for recycling and harmonization. This is because of our belief that we, who are bringing the present to life in this world, have a responsibility towards the future and a mission for the planet. Each and everyone of the employees at Diamond Electric deeply understands this system of values and work to conduct business and develop products in line with it.

Code of Conduct

Each and every one of our employees throughout the company appreciates the blessings of our planet and nature.
Not only in design and production, but in all business activities, we strive to save resources and energy ,recycle,reduce chemical substances and waste and protect the environment.
We observe the environment laws, regulations, treaties and agreements of the countries and communities where our sites are located.
The purpose and goals of our environmental policies (referred to below as our environmental purpose and goals) are revised annually and put into practice as business activities.
Environmental policies are documented, posted and, along with our annually revised environmental purpose and goals, familiarized by all our employees.
These environmental policies are generally made public as needed.
Established April 1,2000
Confirmed   July 4,2016

Diamond Electric Mfg,Co,.Ltd.

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