Local Activities
Aiming to be a community-based management

Diamond Festival

Since 2004, we started this social activity in Tottori area.
To express our appreciation to neighbor community, we organized this festival with wide range of events, including street stall, presentations of various groups, introduction of new cars by each automobile manufactures. Especially the big lottery is the most popular in this event. In recent years, about 1,000 people come to join this festival, and it become rooted in the local community. A profit earned by this activity is donated as local social welfare activities.

Cleaning activities

Tottori sakyu cleaning (Tottori area)

In order to maintain the beautiful landscape of Tottori sakyu, we actively participate in cleaning activities. Every time, many volunteers who belong to the companies in Tottori, volunteer organizations and school relations ,are cooperating together. We also regularly clean up the surroundings of the factory.

Eco cap movement (Tottori area)


From February 2013, we participate in the "Eco cap movement" in the Tottori area. "Eco cap movement" means separating and recycling caps of PET bottles . This activity makes it possible to reduce the generation of CO 2 caused by incineration disposal and by the recycling caps of sales revenue, vaccine is available to children in the world.

As of September 22, 2017

Corrected Eco cap 145,550 (291.1 kg)
Vaccine equivalent for 181 people
CO2 reduction effect 1,146 kg

* By 800 pieces (1.6 kg) / one polio vaccine can be purchased.
If 400 pieces (0.8 kg) are incinerated, 3.15 kg of CO 2 will be generated.

Bell Mark Activity (Tottori Area)

From February 2013 we collect bell marks at home and donate them to elementary schools near Tottori Plant. Depending on the number of points collected, we are using it to purchase school furniture and equipment etc.

Total points collected 5,547 (as of June 30, 2017)

Participation in the Shan Shan Festival

In order to get more relation with local communities, we continuously participate in the Tottori Shan Shan Festival from 1969 which is famous summer festival in Tottori. We performs umbrella dance every year. Current Shan shan festival dance is more modern style compared with a ritual dance to bring rain ''Inaba umbrella dance'' which is typical dance in Tottori east area. At the Shan Shan festival, dancers use smaller umbrella so that everyone can dance more easily.

Noryo Festival (Osaka area)

To express our appreciation to everyone in neighborhood, we invite our neighbors during fireworks "Naniwa Yodogawa fireworks festival" which is held just outside the headquarters. Our employees organize Noryo Festival that we serve Hors d'oeuvre and enjoy Bingo games to build good relationships.

Acceptance of workplace experience 

Tottori Plant accept workplace experiences from neighbor school and also actively accept factory tours.