Business Operation

Automotive Electronics

Ignition equipment business

coil02As automobile technologies become increasingly electronics and high performance, our challenge in the research and development field is how we should respond to environmental issues. We are currently reducing the size and increasing the sophistication of our core product, automotive ignition coils. We are also promoting highly advanced product development toward the realization of systematized and integrated engine combustion control, including such peripheral components as sensors.
Utilizing the skills developed in Japan, we have established a global production system throughout in USA, Europe and Asia, providing the best quality products from all over the world.

Engine Control Unit business

convertor02In order to improve the fuel efficiency of automobiles and environmental problems, controller electronization is accelerated for hybrid and electrical cars. We are developing various controllers such as 4WD controller, electric airconditioning controlle and plug-in hybrid car charger , together with our customers. We have a long history of supplying these products directly to automobile manufacturers. 

Home Electronics

shitsugaiOur products, electronic control components, are widely used in numerous applications in everyday life, such as air conditioners, fan heaters and hot water supply systems. We respond to various customer requirements speedy and individually. In addition to developing energy-saving products, using lead-free soldering, downsizing of component and also we apply new tecnology for the PCB production.
We have aggressively branched out into new markets such as rapidly expanding alternative energy market, liaising with companies in other business sectors. Our business field is expanding beyond the conventional boundary of home electronics using our technology and wide experience.